Principals Message

Welcome to St. Aidan’s N.S. where we pride ourselves on being a warm, welcoming, inclusive school community, supported at every turn by our wonderful parents. In fact, parental support in St. Aidan’s is second to none and is an essential ingredient in providing the best education and opportunities for our children.

St. Aidan’s is defined by its characteristic spirit of being a home away from home – a place where each and every child matters – a place where difference is respected, valued and nurtured. St. Aidan’s and all that is stands for and represents is a school that pupils, parents and staff are proud to be associated with. We are a school that will always do what we can for our pupils because they matter to us.

The heartbeat of our school is driven by the enthusiasm of our staff and a desire for every pupil to achieve and succeed. In fact, that enthusiasm extends to a shared desire to be the best that we can be as educators and as a school in general. Our staff, in equal measure, display qualities of commitment, dedication, professionalism and volunteerism. As a result, we expect that your child’s experience of our school will be an enriching and rewarding one.

With your support, dedication, commitment and co-operation we hope that together we can provide the best for every child.

Is mise le meas, Principal

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