Parent Association

All parents/guardians of children attending St. Aidan’s N.S. are members of the Parent Association, with a number of parents elected to the committee. Year after year, our school is lucky to have a very active committee of enthusiastic, interested parents each with their own skills and reasons for getting involved.

The Parents Association provide a structure through which the parents/guardians, of children attending St. Aidan’s N.S. can work together with the school representatives. They work with the Principal, Staff and Board of Management to build effective partnerships between home and school, thus promoting the interests of the pupils.

St. Aidan’s Parents Association undertake a programme of activities in consultation with the school Principal that promotes the involvement of parents, and that supports the pupils, parents and staff.

Members are elected to the Parents Association for a minimum of two years. Our Parents Association is affiliated to the National Parents’ Council. The Parents Association finances its activities through fundraising specifically for the work of the Parents Association.

Our Parents Association is held in high regard because they are so enthusiastic and committed and go over and above for our school. The following are the current elected members of St. Aidan’s Parents Association

  • Chairperson: Terry McCaul
  • Secretary: Donna Marie O’Neill
  • Treasurer: Chrissie Kiely

The following are activities that St. Aidan’s N.S. Parents Association have engaged with in recent years:

  • Tea/Coffee Reception for parents of the new Junior Infants
  • Organising and managing the Communion, Confirmation and Graduation receptions for students and their family
  • Ordering and paying for the ice-creams, drinks for Sports Day.
  • Organising and planning from beginning to end ‘Who wants to be a Thousandaire?’
  • Organising and promoting hugely successful ‘Haunted School’ at Halloween
  • Organising and promoting yearly school Book Fair
  • Organising of Christmas and Summer Raffle


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