Run Around Europe

We are making our ‘Run Around Europe’ challenge a little more exciting! Each class will have a target destination to reach before the Summer Holidays at the end of June.

Run Around Europe challenge for Each Class

Where are we off to?

Junior Infants
United Kingdom – London 597Km (4776 laps)

Senior Infants
Belgium – Brussels 976Km (7808 Laps)

1st Class
France – Paris 1073Km (8584 Laps)

2nd Class
Netherlands – Amsterdam 1146Km (9168 Laps)

3rd Class
Luxembourg – Luxemburg 1168Km (9344 Laps)

4th Class
Switzerland – Berne 1630Km (13040 Laps)

5th Class
Germany – Berlin 1705Km (13640 Laps)

6th Class
Liechtenstein – Vaduz 1726Km (13808 Lap

Good Luck To All!!