4th Class Halloween Workshop in the Clare Museum

4th Class had a great time st the Halloween Workshop in The Clare Museum in Ennis on Tuesday 25th October. We were enthralled by the stories of Ruth Marshall,where we learned all about the origins of Halloween or Oíche Shamhna. We learned all about turnips being used as Jack-o-lanterns as we didn’t have pumpkins long ago & how they used to receive oranges & nuts when they went ‘trick-or-treating’. We were told a story about Biddy Early & how ghosts are only around because they have unfinished business!
We played some Halloween games where we were ‘bobbing for apples & donuts’!! We played another using a blindfold & being spun around & having to then dip your finger into either flour(rich), water (travel) or a ring (marry). We even learned a song about a witch!!🎼🎤
We really enjoyed our visit & learned so much about the history of Halloween! It was so much fun!
Happy Halloween everyone!🎃🎃🎃👻💀👺🙀🎃🎃